Some of the bloggers I follow have been posting updates on efforts to reboot their lives. Despite the name, it’s not a shut-down-turn-it-on-again thing for every aspect of their lives. They’ve chosen key things to focus on where they feel they could be better.

I want to try this.

For my approach, it’s important to know that some of key areas to improve are not dismal failures in my life that need immediate attention. For some of them, I do okay or even pretty good, but I want to do better. Success criteria may be adjusted as the reboot process goes on. Hopefully for greater achievements.

Here’s what I’m focusing on: Continue reading

Small Pond Returns

It’s been over a year but Small Pond is coming back. It may be a brief (and hopefully shining) return or I may find a renewed interest in sharing things.

What’s going to be in resuscitated blog? More of the same: travel stuff, food stuff, book reviews, some miscellany about my life that strikes me as share-worthy. Some new stuff that probably falls under the last classification: rebooting my life, ongoing adventures in geekdom, and who knows what else will strike my fancy.

Stay tuned. I’ll be posting on Wednesdays, mixing current musings with catching up on what happened while Small Pond was dry.

Becoming a Candle Maker


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Sometimes I have this overwhelming need to do something with my hands, to create something or fix something. When I finished off a tin of Harvey & Sons hot cinnamon sunset tea, the need kicked in and I wanted to try my hand at turning the empty tin into a candle that smelled like the tea.

This was my first time making candles. (edited to add I’m a forgetful idiot as my sister reminded me of a childhood trip to Williamsburg that involved carding wool and making dip candles – vacation or child labor?) What did I learn? Candle making has you take a candle without a wick (a.k.a. a block of wax), melt it, and insert a wick before it cools. If it weren’t for scenting and/or coloring it, you could probably drill a hole through the wax block for a wick and be done with it. Continue reading

New Orleans: More Sights


Finishing out the New Orleans highlights finds us in the swamps of the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve. You can cruise the swamps in an airboat or swamp boat. We opted for the swamp boat and had the Jean Lafitte driver pick us up near our hotel. The swamp was a good 30 minutes from the French Quarter so unless you’ve rented a car, opt for the transportation.

Shortly after this photo, the gator ate several passengers. Continue reading


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