& Everything Nice

The cake for class 3 was the second half of last week’s white cake. Filling this time was a very runny white chocolate, grand marnier ganache that should have had more time to set.

We learned how to make clowns. I hate clowns. With a deep, unbalanced loathing. I’m not taking pictures in class so you can’t appreciate these clowns. You make them with a mound of icing – about 1.5″ wide and up to 3″ tall. That’s the body. You pipe on legs and arms so the clown body resembles a skanky stripper pose. Stick a plastic head between the shoulders and you’re done.

We had the option of putting clowns on our cake or decorating it with the other technique we learned: drop flowers. I went with the latter.

Pretty purple flowers

This is what I did. A twist of the wrist made the flowers. Getting them to trail over the side was easier than I thought it would be. In fact, the whole thing is easier than I thought it would be. It looks complicated and like it requires skill, but I made these. It’s easy.

Note the white cake board is now covered in foil. Apparently, shortening-based icing leaks. The white board from the previous week was one saturated grey ugly thing by Tuesday.

Anyway, inspired by Monday’s class, I spent all Tuesday baking and decorating a cake for a colleague’s birthday. I went the four-layer route this time. Filling was Hunt’s pudding (doesn’t need to be refrigerated) and the cake was Betty Crocker Buttery Yellow. Time from mixing the cake mix to making the last dot for the flowers centers was 6.5 hours. Actual decorating time was probably 90 minutes. Maybe less.

birthday take 1

Again, it looks complicated and it garnered a lot of compliments. But it was easy. I need to work on my writing skills though. That’s the only thing I’m not happy with.

birthday take 2

A better look at the trailing flowers. The yellow flowers are the purple flowers from above and the blues are a star flower we also learned. I like the trailing flowers. They look difficult and they’re fun.

Next class is finishing the Wilton Rose and another four-layer cake. I’m thinking chocolate or white cake with some type of alcohol-infused mousse.


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