Sugar & Spice

A couple weeks ago, my sister and I started a cake decorating class at the local Michael’s craft store. A little Sally Homemaker? Sure, but it sounded like fun, was something to do on Monday nights and who doesn’t like cake.

The first class was much like college. Here’s the syllabus and what you need to buy. We also learned how to ice a cake, which I thought I knew but now I know a better way.

Raw (as in fresh from the oven) cake

For the second class we had to bring one cake. Apparently, for “real” cakes, you cut each layer in half so a two-layer cake is really a one-layer cake pretending to be more important than it is. The second half went into the freezer to be used for week 3.

iced cake, not a white blob

This is the cake after icing with what most bakeries use – a version of buttercream that uses old-fashioned vegetable shortening. The kind with trans fats is better for cake decorating. Either kind is bad for your drains. And your insides. I had my doubts but it tasted just like it came from a bakery.

The cake was a white cake from Betty Crocker because I didn’t have time to make one from scratch. Filling was strawberry preserves that were sitting in fridge. By the way, you make an icing dam to keep the filling from oozing out.

I have no pictures of how this cake was decorated mainly because I made the cake on Saturday morning. By the time class was over on Monday night, I’d been smelling pastry for over 48 hours and had a slice before remembering to take a picture. Oops. It wasn’t that great anyway. A huge umbrella filled in with tiny icing stars.


2 thoughts on “Sugar & Spice

  1. so, i like all the entires, but i think i like this one the best because it made me laugh out loud. when you wrote that butter fat icing is bad for your drains i thought you meant, you know, your pooper. then i read the next sentence and you said it was also bad for your insides. then i realized you meant kitchen drains. not butts. sorry. I won’t keep posting comments, but to your blog, which i like very much, but lost isn’t on yet and your blog is better than myspace. okay then.

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