Wild Kingdom Outside My Window

Outside my bedroom window is a large, overgrown rhododendron. Looking out my window, I have a clear view of the inside of the bush. Much like sitting in a blind. The rhododendron is in desperate need of pruning as it has taken over the front left of the house. I think of pruning it when it’s already formed the buds for the next flowering season. Or when I realize there’s a bird nest in it that I would destroy just to protect my gutters and let light in the windows. 

There’s been a nest there since last Spring when a robin family moved in. This past weekend, I noticed that the nest was occupied once more. Chirping drew my attention to the nest as a bright red cardinal hopped about elsewhere inside the bush.

I thought it was Mrs. Robin warning away an intruder, but it turned out to Mrs. Cardinal welcoming home her husband. He made his way to the nest and ever so gently fed her from his beak. Thus I realized that Mrs. Cardinal was warming eggs. After a meal, she hopped off the nest to relieve herself while Mr. Cardinal took a look inside the nest.

Finished with her business, Mrs. C spent some time poking her head in and out of the nest as Mr. C looked on. I don’t know enough about cardinals to know if Mrs. C was turning the eggs or just checking that Mr. C hadn’t screwed things up while she was occupied.

In any case, Mrs. C hasn’t moved from the nest area in at least 2 days. She and the nest survived last night’s Spring storm. I thought of taking some pictures but the angle of the nest and the window screen would probably limit the shots. And I don’t want to scare the birds by opening the window. Right now, I can observe them without disturbing them.

I’m looking forward to the babies arriving. I’ll keep you updated on the developments. Who knows? Maybe I’ll catch some first attempts at flight.


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