Butterflies are free to fly

The nice thing about the second Wilton Cake Decorating course is that I don’t have to make a cake every week for class. This course is about royal icing flowers. You may know these as the flowers you pick off a cake and leave on your plate. Cake detritus.

We’re also learning a technique called color flow. It’s pretty much thinned down royal icing, although (not surprisingly) Wilton has you add a product it sells instead of adding the meringue powder, which it also sells.The final cake for the class is supposed to be a basket filled with all the flowers we’ve made plus two miniature bluebirds made out of color flow. I can’t figure out why bluebirds would land on a basket. Or why they’d be so tiny. The birds measured about 2.5 x 1.5 inches; some of the flowers are bigger than that.

Instead I tried my hand at butterflies. I can make sense of why they’d be hanging around the flowers. Size-wise they’re a little big, but I can live with that. Anyway, here are my butterflies. I now need to wait several days for the icing to completely dry so the butterflies can become part of the sugar wasteland on the side of your plate.



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