I have always been a reader. The only broken bone I’ve had, I got while I was reading. I liked to read with my feet above my head or in other weird positions. I was sitting on the arm of an armchair reading something or other. I somehow pulled the chair off balance and it started to fall over.

Being an intelligent 5th grader, I reached for the back of the chair to pull it back to standing. Being a 5th grader, I hadn’t gotten to any physics classes and didn’t understand that the forward motion of my body shifted more weight to the falling momentum of the chair. The chair continued falling and trapped my forearm between the top support of the chair back and the wall. Ouch. It’s the only time I’ve had a cast.

That’s a story that shows you many things about me. Among them, I was a weird kid. The important thing is that I really love reading. To be honest, I still tend to prop my legs up on the back of the couch while reading. To further my reading habit, a little bit ago, I found 

It’s a site that lets you catalog your books and cross references them with other users. For example, 8,133 members including myself own the exact same edition of A Wrinkle in Time.

What purpose does the site serve in my life? It’s a geeky OCD thing that lets me list every book I own. There’s a place on the site where I can trade books, and the best thing is that LibraryThing has enough of a reputation in the publishing industry that it gets advanced review copies that it sends to its members through its Early Reviewers program.

I was luck enough to get one of the books about a week ago and am in the process of reading it so I can toss the review up here.

The other neat thing is the author cloud. Here’s mine. For those of you not familiar with clouds, the more things you have with a certain name, the larger that name appears in the total population. I’ve got a tag cloud for the blog running in the upper left. To give you a better idea what my author cloud represents, I have 2 books with Home Depot as the author and 12 by Stephen King.

LibraryThing also maintains a running author cloud based on all members. Over 135,000 members have a Stephen King book.

The site is free for you to enter the first 200 books; after that there’s a membership fee. Since they’ve sent me a free ARC, I joined up. Give it a whirl. You can enter books by title, author, the mysterious ISBN number, whatever you need to get to the exact edition you own.

In the meantime, enjoy perusing my library.


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