New TV Season – Mondays

Three dramas, one comedy, one reality show. That’s what new on Monday nights. The night also brings Christian Slater to the small screen and introduces America to the unholy alliance of Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher. Frogs will be falling from the sky next.

ABC – Untitled Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher Project – 8-9:30
Full Season; No Return

It’s a 90-minute reality beauty pageant that replaces Dancing with the Stars in 2009. It’s got disaster written all over it, but I’m using the According to Jim Rule (AtJR) as it applied to Punk’d and America’s Next Top Model. The creators have a weirdly successful track record, and Dancing-with-the-Stars fans aren’t going to switch to one of the dramas against it. This should at least last 13 weeks. Next season not so much.

Fox – Dollhouse – 8-9
Gone After 4 Episodes

This replaces Terminator at the midseason break. Yes, it’s from Joss Whedon and stars a couple of Buffy alum, but the concept is a little too out there to last. People wiped of personalities so they can be anything a client wants. The younger demographic is already watching Gossip Girl, and Terminator barely made it back for a 2nd season so its replacement won’t have a huge audience committed to the timeslot.

CBS – Worst Week – 9:30-10
Makes It to Midseason

If you’re already watching the CBS comedies, you’ll stay on the channel, unless you switch over to the better Samantha Who. Worst Week is about a guy whose efforts to impress his future-in-laws lead to … wait for it … the worst weeks of his life. This is not to be confused with the 2004 or 2006 British comedies or the failed real-time sitcom Big Time

NBC – My Own Worst Enemy – 10-11
Full Season*; Possible but Doubtful Return

*This is only scheduled to run to the midseason when The Philanthropist takes over.
Christian Slater has multiple personalities: an efficiency expert who leads a stereotypical suburban life and a “lethal, multilingual operative.” It’s not like anything else against it (Boston Legal and The Bachelor) but its competition has a built in audience.

NBC – The Philanthropist –10-11
Gone After 3 Episodes

Renegade billionaire uses his wealth to help the downtrodden around the world. This may not even make it on the air in 2008. NBC’s already replaced the showrunner because he wanted a dark, gritty tone to the series and NBC wanted something fun. David Eick is in as the new showrunner; you may know him as the guiding force behind some of Battlestar Galactica’s darker, grittier episodes and behind the blink-and-miss-it Bionic Woman remake.


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