New TV Season – Tuesdays

Tuesdays bring us four dramas, two comedies and one reality show.

CW – 90210 – Tuesday 8-9
Full Season; No Return

You loved the original; now enjoy the next generation. Jennie Garth is on board as the high school guidance counselor. After all, modern teen problems pale in comparison to Kelly Taylor’s. Let’s go over them, shall we? Dated most of the main male characters; mom was addicted to coke; burned in a fire; cult member; addicted to diet pills and coke; stalked; miscarriage; shot followed by amnesia; sexually harassed; cheated on; raped and then killed her rapist. Let’s hope that the new group of kids is at least half as entertaining.

ABC – Opportunity Knocks – Tuesday 8-9
Makes It to Midseason

Would seem to be another AtJR since it comes from Kutcher but the competition is fierce, especially at the midseason break. The reality show about how well you know your family (which is filmed in your yard) faces back-to-back half-seasons of The Biggest Loser, 90210 and American Idol in January. Unless there’s a network deal that keeps both Kutcher projects on the air, this is gone after the holidays.

CBS – The Mentalist – Tuesday 9-10
Full Season, Likely Return

CBS has a tendency to pick dramas that sound boring but manage to do reasonably well. This one is about a detective who used to pretend to have psychic powers but actually has amazing observational powers supposedly above and beyond any other TV detective. It stars Simon Baker as the titular character and Robin Tunney as his bodyguard (what?). Two pretty people you’ve seen in a dozen other things.

Fox – Fringe – Tuesday 9-10
Gone After 3 episodes or Full Season

This is a show that will either hit big or flop big. It’s from J.J. Abrams and stars Charlotte Rampling (from many things in Europe) and Joshua Jackson. Three people discover a mystery that’s part of a larger, scary pattern. If the public is tired of Lost-type dramas that require commitment, this is gone (remember Invasion or Threshold? Didn’t thnk so). But Abrams could do it well. I caught the trailer for it and it looks interesting. Plus Mr. Abbadon is in it.

CW—Surviving the Filthy Rich – Tuesday 9-10
Full Season, Likely Return

It follows 90210 so it will live or die this season by that show’s success. It’s a 23-year-old Yale grad whose journalism career goes down in flames, leading her to work as a live-in tutor for a cosmetic queen’s two beautiful teen granddaughters. The Nanny Diaries meets The Devil Wears Prada. It’s a typical CW show. I’m saying this is coming back next season but being moved to follow Gossip Girl.

ABC – The Goode Family – Tuesday 9:30-10
Gone After 4 Episodes

It’s an animated show from Mike Judge. It’s gone early because it’s an animated show in the middle of the week and the target audiences have too many other things to watch.

NBC – Kath & Kim – Tuesday 9:30-10
Full Season; No Return

Molly Shannon and Selma Blair as a dysfunctional mother-daughter in this redo of an Australian series. NBC doesn’t seem to have a lot held back to toss in the midseason so this will float along.


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