New TV Season – Wednesday & Thursday

Not much new coming in on Wednesdays and Thursdays next season. Wednesday sees two sitcoms, one drama and one reality show. Or maybe it’s three sitcoms: I don’t know if Knight Rider counts as a drama or not. On Thursday, we get two dramas, 1 sitcom and one reality show. 

NBC – Knight Rider –8-9
Makes It to Midseason

The TV movie/pseudo-pilot was lucky to be made. The show was lucky to be picked up. It’ll be lucky to get to midseason.

CBS – Project Gary –8:30-9
Full Season; Likely Return

Jay Mohr is a recently divorced dad who faces all the usual comedic situations TV brings to the recently divorced. CBS comedies manage to live full lives lately. The other networks have hour-long programs on at 8, so if you started watching Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ show, you’re staying here.

CW – Stylista –9-10
Full Season; Likely Return

A reality show where people compete to be a magazine editor at Elle. It follows the successful America’s Next Top Model, and I think it replaces The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll. This won’t be a good show, but you’ll be able to watch the inevitable marathon on VH1 and then watch season 2.

Fox – Do Not Disturb – 9:30-10
Makes It to Midseason

I’ll probably be burned by the AtJR, but this Jerry O’Connell sitcom won’t last long. Yes, it’ll have the American Idol results show lead-in, but it’s going to be bad. Set in a hip boutique hotel in New York, it wants to be an upscale version of Fawlty Towers or Newhart. It won’t be; it also stars Niecy Nash who annoyed you on Clean House.

Fox – Secret Millionaire – 9-10
Gone After 3 Episodes

The reality show is gone early if it even makes it on the air. It’s crying out for people to protest the show. Wealthy Americans try to survive in impoverished neighborhoods. Listen for lines like “I always walked by homeless people before; now I understand they’re just like me” and “I never realized that you can’t feed a family with organic, macrobiotic foods when you just have food stamps.”

NBC – Office Spinoff – 9:30-10
Full Season; Likely Return

The Office is successful and its spinoff doesn’t start until after the presidential election. NBC will likely give it the rest of season to find an audience and it probably will.

ABC – Life on Mars – 10-11
Full Season; Possible Return

I want to like this show. The bits I’ve seen of the BBC original look good. Detective gets in an accident and finds himself fin the 1970s. It’s helmed by David Kelly and the man with the best name in television – Tommy Schlamme. So, his wife Christine Lahti will guest star at some point. I hate her. Anyway, this show will move around on ABC’s schedule until it finds an audience. We’ll see where ABC puts Lost when it returns to the schedule.

CBS – Eleventh Hour – 10-11
Full Season; Doubtful Return

The latest from the Jerry Bruckheimer machine. Rufus Sewell is some sort of special investigator/troubleshooter who’s called in at the 11th hour to solve the problem of the week. It’s another BBC remake.


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