New TV Season – Weekend Wasteland

Not a lot new for the weekends. Friday gets two dramas, and Sunday gets two dramas and two animated sitcoms. Nothing on Saturday. As a side note, I kept mistyping dramas as drams so apparently my weekends during the 2008-2009 season are fueled by whiskey.

NBC – Crusoe – 8-10
Gone in 5 Episodes

It’s based on what you think it’s based on, and then it rips off Lost to make it more than Crusoe and his man Friday on an island. Sean Bean plays Crusoe’s father and Sam Neill a family friend in flashbacks. I would have said this makes it to midseason, but NBC is already planning on pulling/moving it to make way for Deal or No Deal in January.

CBS – The Ex List –9-10
Makes it to Midseason

The drama that will be the exception to CBS’ odd luck with dramas. A fortuneteller tells a woman she’s already dated her future husband and she has one year to reconnect with him or be alone forever. Go Girl Power! Will each episode focus on a different ex? Because that’s a lot of exes. What happens if the show is picked up? Does it become about her new married bliss or about her forlorn existence as an old maid? Or does the prophecy somehow change? I don’t care.

NBC – Merlin –8-9
Gone in 4 Episodes
Merlin is the type of show that would be filmed in New Zealand and then show up on a Saturday afternoon as part of a Hercules-Xena-Roar block. It’s the adventures of young Merlin and young Arthur. Arthur’s dad is still alive so I’m not sure how Merlin and Arthur will know each other, but whatever. The show won’t be around long enough to matter.

Fox – Sit Down Shut Up – 8:30-9
Full Season, Likely Return
Animated show about a staff at a high school. Follows The Simpsons and replaces King of the Hill at midseason. Yeah, this one makes it.

Fox – The Cleveland Show – 9:30-10
Full Season, Likely Return

No, it’s not about the city in Ohio. It’s a spinoff from The Family Guy and will be another piece in Fox’s animated Sunday block

NBC – Kings – 10-11
Gone after 3 Episodes
A pure-hearted young warrior joins the court of King Silas (Ian McShane) in a modern metropolis under siege. Seriously. That’s how NBC describes this show, adding that it’s a David-and-Goliath parallel. Poor Ian McShane. Remember when he was delivering Shakespeare-esque monologues on Deadwood? Good times.


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