Sweet green icing flowing down

Yes, it’s another cake post. I finished up Course II of the Wilton Cake Decorating program. This is the one that focused strongly on flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Some of them were fun to make; some were hard to make but worth it; and some were not fun and not worth it. Here’s the class cake I made. Still hate my writing, but liked the cake overall. And check out those brand new countertops underneath the cake.

Final cake for course 2

I’m a fan of daisies and pansies in real life and am happy that I can now make them out of royal icing. I also like daffodils in real life, but the icing version doesn’t look right so I don’t see myself ever making them again. The larger pink and blue flowers are primroses, which I’ve never seen as real flowers.

The other big lesson from the class was the basket weave technique. We learned this the last night and then promptly applied it to our cakes. I like it. It looks complicated, but it’s not that hard. Time consuming though. Here’s a close up of said basket weave and the newly learned rope border. I tinted the buttercream with ivory.

Basket weave close up

So now it’s on to Course III: fondant. That’s the stuff that’s like Playdough – both in flexibility and taste, I’m told. Hopefully, I’ll find a recipe that tastes good. And I highly recommend taking the Wilton classes. If you’re in the Pottstown area, take the classes with Erin – she’s great.

As a bonus (ooh, aah), here’s the cake I made for Joe and Janet’s Memorial Day party when I thought my icing wasn’t dark enough to be a flag and the cake I took to the party when I realized the icing had darkened since first mixing it and my roses looked unruly.

the first attempt  2nd try - it\'s a flag


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