Snakes on a Porch

Is this what happened to my cardinal eggs?


I came home from grocery shopping and errands to find this face greeting me. Just to the left of the maple leaf is the step to my front door.

I knew a snake lived under the step last year. I found its shed skin (about a foot in length). This was the first time I’d seen its head. It posed for a couple pictures, sticking its forked tongue to see what strange being was interrupting its sunning time. The tongue was black but more of a pinkish red further back. Eventually the snake figured out that what it was smelling was something that could kill it, so it slithered back under the porch.

I try not to kill animals in my yard. Rabbits, groundhogs, bugs … they’re all welcome to hang out. I’m okay with that. The snake … not so much. I know this is a perfectly harmless (to me) garter snake, but it creeps me out. 

I know snakes, much like sharks, are interesting animals. They serve a purpose; they do some cool things. But I prefer to look at them through the glass of my TV. I don’t even like seeing them in zoos and aquariums. As for real-life encounters, I don’t like that.

Plus there’s now a robin in the former cardinal nest. She hasn’t left the nest much so I think she may be sitting on eggs. Did the snake eat the cardinal eggs? Would it go back for robin eggs? Wait … has it laid eggs of its own under my porch?!? 


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