Fun-Filled Fondant Frolic

Otherwise known as Wilton Course 3 or Tammy’s obsession with alliteration. You decide.

The third course is a mix of learning how to cover cakes and make decorations with fondant and how to make larger flowers out of royal icing. Only two cakes needed for the class. Here’s my first one.

Fondant Cake

Everything you see is fondant. There’s some buttercream icing, but it’s underneath the fondant. Working with the fondant was a lot easier than I expected. Coloring it was pretty easy and not messy at all. It was a matter of kneading the color into the fondant, kind of like pulling taffy.

I was concerned about rolling out a large enough piece to cover the cake so I think I rolled it too thin. It ripped in a couple of places, but I was able to smooth the tear out. I was weirded out a bit when the instructor told me to shove tissue paper in the loops of the bow without explaining that it would be removed later. I couldn’t picture serving a cake that looked like it was trying to stop a bloody nose. Rest assured, the tissue came out after it served its purpose of forcing the fondant to hold a shape as it dried. Alas, after I took the picture, I figured I didn’t need the tissue anymore and the bow collapsed on itself by the time I took the cake to work the next day. The ripples in the ends held up though.

Next class is petunias, poinsettias and some other deep flowers. I’m also working on some lovely fondant roses that may or may not make it on to the final cake. The last cake is a tiered or a stacked cake. I’m leaning toward a stacked cake. No, that’s not a DDD cake. It’s two cakes on top of each other, silly. Anyway, since the cake will likely come into work, I don’t want it to look too wedding-y so I’m trying to come up with other ways to decorate it.

Stay tuned for that exciting cake.


One thought on “Fun-Filled Fondant Frolic

  1. You’ve painted yourself into a corner here, Tam. You won’t be allowed to come to a party without a fancy cake ever again. The good news is your cakes are really cool so you’re up to the task. Keep up the great work.


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