Sugar Comas Are Your Friend

The Wilton madness never ends. Having finished Course III last night, I’m already enrolled in the Fondant and Gumpaste course. It’s not called Course IV, but that’s essentially what it is. So the cake posts will continue!

Here’s a look at the final cake for Course III. Luckily for her, my assistant editor’s birthday was today so it made perfect sense to turn the final cake into her birthday cake. Take note all of you who want cakes – birthdays on Tuesdays in July stand a better chance of getting a Tammycake.

birthday cake

The monkey cookie jar is named Wilson. It’s Nicole’s.

Top layer is a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. Bottom layer is a banana cake with peanut butter mousse filling. Don’t know if I’ll use the mousse fillings again with fondant even though I think they make the best fillings. The catch is choosing between refrigerating the fondant-filled cake, which is a no-no, and risking intestinal disorders. For this one, I chose refrigeration. The fondant held up pretty well, although the bow never dried enough to fully harden.

The pink color may not show up correctly on your monitor. The fondant was a bright, almost hot, pink. The buttercream dots were definitely hot pink and much darker than they may show up in the picture. 

For once, I like my writing on the cake. I wasn’t sure if the two-color thing would work out, but it did. 

The rest of Course III focused on making petunias and lilys out of royal icing. Not sure why they were included in this class. I’d relegate them to an advanced flower course, but they showed up in this one. I wasn’t going to use them on the final cake, so didn’t really give them my best shot, but I may give them another try at some point.

I’m really enjoying the whole cake decorating thing. Who knows, maybe this will be a side job for me and Penny. Or not. 

While I’m pondering business plans, here’s a bonus cake picture. It was an extra square cake from the previous fondant outing that was the perfect thing to take to the Scotts. I give you … summer sunflowers.

summer sunflower


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