Trading up

Or at least trading in. In the process of cleaning out the house, I came across bags and boxes of books that I hadn’t read in years. For once, I did the right thing* and decided to just get rid of them all without agonizing over discoveries of books I loved and forgot I owned.

Getting rid of books isn’t easy. You can donate them to the library. Goodwill takes books. There’s always the eBay option. But all of those things take time and a lot of driving around. I found a better option.

Dogs Like Books, too

Powell’s Books would buy them. Powell’s is the main reason I want to go to Portland, Ore. someday. It’s a used book warehouse that’s open to the public. The main branch takes up a full city block – 1.6 acres of books. Imagine that. I could live there forever and never run out of things to read. Things to eat is another matter.

I’ve bought things from Powell’s before. The quality of books is pretty good. Yes, they’re used, but the books I’ve gotten haven’t been in horrible condition. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, Powell’s buys books and pay for you to ship the books to it. You don’t get cash, but you do get store credit. Yes, that’s a little self-defeating — getting rid of books in order to buy more — but isn’t that a wonderful thing, to keep recycling books?

The process is easy enough. You enter all the ISBNs into the form. The site figures out which books the store will take and spits out your credit and a link to a pre-paid postage label. Eckie decided to help, making herself comfortable among some of the books Powell’s didn’t want.

Powell’s is taking 58 of my books and giving me about $55. The store rejected about 25 other books – book club editions, things it’s probably overstocked with, weird books only I read, etc.

And I don’t have to drive anywhere to drop them off. I also have a 1st class package to be mailed out so I can schedule a pickup from the friendly, neighborhood postman and leave all the boxes on my porch.

I like this. Plus, Powell’s has a blog that’s interesting plus it links to lots of other literary blogs.

*unlike certain people who shall remain nameless for a brief moment but who feel the need to keep many extra copies of paperwork from over 15 years ago even after planning to scan said paperwork. Yes, I’m looking at you, Karl. Throw it out!


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