Best (Non)mistake Ever Made

First coat on the living room is finished! And the color is best mistake I’ve ever made. Or nonmistake, since it’s the perfect color.

I went to my local paint store after work and ordered 2 gallons of Sherwood Green. On the way home, I got to thinking. Was Sherwood the green I wanted, or did I want Georgian Green? See, I had tried out both colors in Benjamin Moore sample sizes. One was too blue-ish, and I was afraid it would be too overwhelmingly green when I put it on the walls. The other was more of a khaki green.

Sure enough, when I got home, the sample board I still had was labeled Georgian Green. Crap. Grabbed both gallons of paint and headed back to the paint store. Luckily, it’s only 10 minutes away.

I explained the situation. No, I didn’t want it darker or lighter. I wanted it more yellow. The really nice paint guys spent about 20 minutes adding more yellow and red in stages until it got sort of, but not really closer to Georgian and away from Sherwood.

It took four tries before it was close enough that we were all satisfied with it. The wonderful paint guys remixed the second gallon and I headed home. But not before one of the absolutely fantastic paint guys checked that his 19-year-old brother would take my sofa and chair off my hands. Whoo hoo.

Once home, I tackled the long wall first. 23-plus feet, no windows or doorways. When that was done, I started to get a happy feeling. Finished the front wall and realized that it was looking good. I refused to celebrate fully until I was done.

Then I stood in my still-in-disarray living room and literally clapped my hands. The green, which is not Sherwood nor Georgian but is now on file at the paint store as Dotts-Special Green, is perfect. It’s the green that was in my head when I pictured the new room. I love it.

Pictures to come when the room is completely done. As for the worst mistake I’ve ever made, well, that’s gotta be the engagement.


2 thoughts on “Best (Non)mistake Ever Made

  1. the dress is hideous. but without the engagement, there wouldn’t have been a dress. still, it’s in my closet. Call me Miss Havisham.

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