The Worst Part

I’ve hit the part of home renovation when everything looks like a complete disaster. I finished painting the hallway and am moving on to the living room walls. To do that, all the furniture has been pushed about 2 to 3 feet from the walls, exposing years of dog hair, lost change and petrified food particles. Gross.

Not to mention that my television now sits about 2 feet from the couch, giving me that IMAX experience in my own living room whether I want it or not.

The dining room furniture and end table are piled with stuff that came out of the hutch. The stuff doesn’t have a new home yet, and the hutch is in the garage waiting for me to put it on craigslist. The amount of misplaced stuff that I have to maneuver around is almost paralyzing.

On a positive note, I did manage to pack away all of the china and assorted leaded glass pieces in handy-dandy protectors. And I stopped in at a local carpet place to arrange for an estimate for new carpeting. I’m hitting two more places on the way home tonight before picking up the living room paint and getting started on that all-nighter.

Have I mentioned how much I miss renting sometimes?


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