Perspective … Schmerspective

Look – it’s another cake!

This one used perhaps the lamest technique from the Wilton series: covering a cake board in fondant. Making the marbelized fondant … not lame. Covering cakes in fondant … not lame.  Covering a board that no one can eat and essentially wasting several ounces of purchased fondant … lame.

Here are some more pics from different angles.


The cake itself is a yellow cake with regular icing as filling. I carved the cake a little to make it more island-y so I didn’t want to use pudding as the filling in case it ran out. I wasn’t making an oil spill cake.

Covering the cake in graham cracker crumbs* was incredibly messy. The dogs enjoyed cleaning up. My favorite part of the cake is the fondant beach towels. Those are cool, if I do say so myself. The shells on the back are okay, but could (and should) have looked a lot better. There were no cocktail umbrellas to be found last night so I improvised with a wavy birthday candle and cupcake liners.

The waves look a little better in person, but they do point out the incredibly off perspective of the cake. With the size of the waves, that island must be huge. But with the size of the umbrella and towels, the island must be more like a sandbar that’s about to be washed away by a paddleboat wake! Toss in the scale of the shells and who knows what’s going on with the island.

Oh well. It tastes good.


2 thoughts on “Perspective … Schmerspective

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