No More Cake Classes

The Wilton cake classes at Michael’s are over. Penny and I worked our way through all 4 courses, ending with the Fondant and Gumpaste course at the end of July.

For the last class, we were supposed to bring in a cake to decorate. And the cake was supposed to be on a board that we had already covered in fondant in a previous class. I used my cake board for the island cake, and Penny was on vacation for that class. Add in the fact that I was leaving the day after the last class for two consecutive business trips and Penny had no place to take a full cake, and you get the two us decorating a Styrofoam “cake” that Penny built.

Because no one was ever going to eat the cake, we didn’t care about colors and played around. Still, it turned out pretty good. The colors were a lot brighter than what’s showing up on my monitor right now. We took turns making pieces of the decorations and putting them on the faux-cake.

The pink box on the top is made out of fondant and gumpaste. I like the box idea and may end up using it on future cakes.

So, for now, our cake tutorage is over. Now it’s up to us to figure out what to do with everything we learned. I’ll miss the cake classes, but I’m glad to have my Monday nights back.


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