Wild and Untamed Things

If you haven’t heard already, MTV is planning a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. You may remember it as a movie you watched once or twice at midnight while throwing toast and shouting, “Dammit, Janet!” At some point, you’ve taken that jump to the left. I’ve got my own memories of the movies, that I’ll get to it in a second.

But first, this remake idea. It’s a bad idea. It’s a worse idea because MTV is adding new songs. It’s such a bade idea that there’s a petition to dissuade MTV and Sky Movies (the British partner) from going ahead with the plan. Click the lips above to go to the petition site.

Here’s what I wrote as my reason for signing:

Not everything that has the potential to make money should be made. Not every classic movie (whether defined as medium-changing, genre-defining, acting/directing/writing-genius or campy fun) needs to be remade for today’s audience. Not everyone needs New Coke, Crystal Pepsi or George Clooney as Batman. Sometimes the entertainment industry should leave well enough alone and pat itself on the back for creating something 33 years ago that people still enjoy today.

Okay, so Christian Bale in the Batman relaunch is good. But let’s face it, a remake of Rocky Horror won’t have the same effect that the original does. Yes, people will go. And some theaters may even allow toast and water guns. But it will feel slick and overly polished. It will star actors who have a some type of cheesy marquee value (Meat Loaf as No Neck this time?) and young newcomers who didn’t make it into one of the High School Musical sequels or on The Real World.

So, go sign the petition. Please.

Why do I care about this? Because my memories of certain … pals … are strong. 




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