Some more cakes

The classes may have ended, but the cake fun never does. Here are the post-class cakes.

First up, the cake for Penny’s birthday.

It’s purple fondant over a banana cake with chocolate pudding filling. I think I’m moving away from specialty fillings for a while. I wanted to taste more icing. The white flowers are fondant. The white dots and border are buttercream with real vanilla paste, not the crappy Wilton’s stuff.

This isn’t the cake I wanted to make. Over the purple was supposed to be a layer of brown fondant with flower cutouts. The problem was that the Wilton brown fondant (I mixed the light and dark browns together) was flimsy in consistency and tore instantly. It got trashed. The white icing dots were needed to cover up a couple specks of brown fondant that couldn’t be removed. Someday I will figure that out. Maybe with just colored white fondant or when I learn to make mine own.

Next up was a cake for a picnic at my place with what I like to call the Jersey People. 

Another fondant masterpiece. Cake was dark chocolate with raspberry filling. Yes, Penny, that’s what the jar said: raspberry filling. I like how this one looks, although I want to get better using fondant to make a border to keep that clean look. Jersey People, however, aren’t that fond of fondant for the most part. And I don’t know whether it was the slightly warmer weather or a moister cake, but the fondant was really sticky the next day. I also learned that stacking two square cakes leads to huge pieces of cake.

I think the next endeavors will be sans fondant. I’d like to try the basketweave again and I like the taste of frosting.


2 thoughts on “Some more cakes

  1. Thanks for the tip. That might work out better than the colored fondant Wilton sells. I think Satin Ice may only be available by mail order, but I’ve read good things about it.

  2. Good job!

    There is a show on PBS called, Bake Decorate Celebrate. They did chocolate fondant a couple episodes ago. They took the Wilton fondant and mixed in 3 packets of Nestle pre-melted unsweeted baking chocolate. It looked like it worked pretty well. I tried to find the link, but I couldn’t remember the show number. Here is the show website:

    I have heard Satin Ice is a better fondant but I can’t buy it locally so I have never tried it.

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