The Saddest Cake Ever

My first sheet cake is the saddest cake I’ve ever made. I don’t normally add salt to buttercream, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some tears fell into the mixer. The cake was for Nicole. She works with me as an assistant editor and has decided to leave our happy cube farm for the sea-swept winds at Margate to pursue her writing dreams. I can’t blame her – in fact, I envy her ability to chuck the 9-to-5 drudgery – but I will miss her terribly.

To give her a proper send-off, I put together a pizza goodbye lunch. Of course, the lunch required a cake for dessert. And the number of people invited meant a sheet cake was a better idea than some layered or tiered monstrosity. Nicole likes pink so I used rose coloring to create hot pink roses. I wanted the cake to have something unique to Nicole or her almost-former job, hence the proofreader marks.

I must remember that this pink darkens considerably from when it’s first mixed. I planned on some darker roses and then some marbled roses. The marbling never really took and by this morning, everything’s pretty much the same color. In fact, some of the roses may glow in the dark.

Nicole’s liked the banana cake I’ve done in the past so banana was part of this cake, but I was worried that not everyone would want banana. I engineered a divider for the cake pan out of a disposable cookie sheet and poured both mixes in at the same time.

I didn’t want separate cakes, so I held my breath and removed the divider before baking. It worked! Yay. The chocolate mix was a lot thicker than the banana and took a little longer to cook and rose a little more. I think both sides are still moist,  though I may not mix these together again.

Wonder if a white or yellow mix would be similar in consistency? I also toyed with the idea of just blending the banana and chocolate together. Maybe next time.