Catchy Tunes (or not)

Just flipped through my saved tags on Shazam. For those of you not familiar with Shazam, check out the site. I’ve got the iPhone app, which lets me identify songs on the radio as I’m listening to them.

So, what songs have caught my fancy in the past couple of months? It’s not a pretty list. Some winners and some “what was I thinking,” either in terms of why did I like it or why didn’t I remember the title and/or artist.

  • Santogold – Lights Out: This might make it on the “to buy” list at some point
  • Adele – Chasing Pavement: This did make it on the “to buy” list; I got the album and love it and you all should too
  • The Killers – Shadowplay – also on the “to buy” list
  • The Ting Tings – Shut Up and Let Me Go: possibility, although hearing it on one of the two episodes of the new 90210 makes me question whether I want it
  • Katy Perry – Hot N Cold: Not getting the album, but the song’s fun
  • Death Cab for Cutie – No Sunlight: I can’t remember what this song sounds like now
  • Muse – Bliss: Can’t remember this one either
  • Duaghtry – What About Now: what was I thinking
  • Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus: Heard this yesterday and couldn’t remember the artist; if I had a roller skating playlist, I’d buy it

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