As Joe Hill states in his blog, this Obama video has been everywhere. But, as usual, I’m a little slow on the uptake and Hill’s right, the video is funny enough to share and share again.

 Plus linking to his entry is an excuse for me to remind you all to vote next Tuesday. And to do some research and thinking before you do. Don’t just pull the lever, color in the circle, touch the screen or punch out the chad blindly.

We all have the right to vote, but rights come with obligations. And in this case, the obligation is to vote intelligently for the candidate that you believe will do the best for the country and for your interests. So think about it, and think about the other people on the ballot. Who’s running for state senator or congressman in your district (do you even know what federal and state district you’re in)? Who’s running for city council or sheriff or whatever other local offices are up for grabs this year?

Think about it. And vote!


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