Dog Ate My Homework

Top Excuses for Not Working on NaNoWriMo:

  • Watching the election returns is strangely captivating
  • Day 2 was wiped out by birthday shopping and dining
  • Work has actually required my attention during work hours
  • The Internet was not this fascinating in October
  • My dog’s collar keeps attaching to the Berber carpet
  • Halloween decorations had to be put away
  • Thanksgiving decorations need to be put out and/or purchased*
  • 10 books are in the “to review” box
  • I’m blogging more
  • Twitter
  • Texas Hold’em on the iPhone

And possibly the most important reason …

  • I’m pretty sure my story is the stupidest story ever and is not something I would read or recommend to anyone I have ever known.

Sigh. I’m setting a new goal of 10,000 words by Sunday evening.

* Why is it that Michael’s (and probably A.C. Moore) skip over Thanksgiving? Halloween decorations have made their way to the clearance section and Christmas decorations have taken over the rest of the store. What happened to pilgrims, turkeys and¬†cornucopias?


3 thoughts on “Dog Ate My Homework

  1. I agree. Keep chugging. However, if that fails, you can always do like me and get sucked into really bad video’s from the 80’s on YouTube. That’s my excuse.

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