Odds and Ends Part 2 (the picture edition)

My attention has been on the insanity of writing a novel in 30 days so I haven’t blogged lately. Word count updates for the novel can be seen in the widgets on the left of the main page, Facebook and Twitter (follow small_pond). The story of the novel won’t be wrapped up in 50,000 words so here’s hoping I churn out over 5K a day or keep writing through December and into the future.

In the meantime, here are some pics of what else has been going on. Notice no pictures of books appear. Despite my growing pile of review copies, the time isn’t there this month to read and review. Besides, one of them may require me to buy a fiddle

On to the photos …

Beef-n-Beer CakeA friend at work hosted a beef-and-beer to raise money to help friends of hers cover some medical bills. Penny and I put our cake decorating skills to good use and each contributed a half-sheet cake to the event. Here’s mine, decorated with icing chrysanthemums. Icing was extra stiff to hold the flowers’ shapes. Penny’s was much better – a scarecrow of fondant and buttercream. It looked awesome, but since it looked better than mine, no photo.

pepper anyoneThis month, I turned “old” and received delightful gifts that in a couple of years I won’t remember who they’re from or even that I ever received them as I enter the realm of senior moments. This is one of my favorites. Yes, you’re reading the box right, it’s a pepper mill in the shape of R2-D2. How cool is that? The instructions are written in Japanese so I’m not sure if I want to attempt to take it apart to fill it or leave it in the box forever. Thanks, Karl and Liz!

Continuing the trend of science-fiction-related food items, I spotted this in Bed, Bath and Beyond the other week. I know so many people I could give this to over the holidays.

where no pez has gone before

birdsMeanwhile, back at the house, I refilled the birdfeeders with nyjer seeds for the finches and a sunflower mix for the other birdies. The squirrels managed to empty the squirrel-proof feeder in 20 minutes, but I guess they need to stock up for the winter, too. When I grabbed this picture of the finches, sparrows and chickadees, about nine were gorging themselves. I promptly loaded the photos on to the computer, during which time another 10 finches and chickadees landed on the feeder. Last year’s record was 30, which included a couple perched on top of the feeder and in nearby branches waiting their turns.

All of the birds disappeared when I let Eckie outside. No real purpose behind these photos other than to make you all say “aw.” And remind myself to rake the backyard before it snows.

eckie on the porch   eckie and the leaves

light up your sushiLast photo for the post, a look at Erica and Barbie showing off what makes sushi special. Plastic ice cubes that change color. These were buried under some rice noodle things for select special rolls at a sushi place in Burlington. The rolls, by the way, were tasty and very large in terms of girth.


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