First Set of Interesting Links for ’09

Because those of you who follow me and Soleil Moon Frye on Twitter don’t get enough excitement in your day, here’s what’s amused me on the Internet so far this year.

Listen to Your Mother
Creepy, late-19th century short, short story.

Kind of Cool; Kind of Straightjacket-y
Jewelery made from Barbie doll pieces. Eight-year-old boys around the world feel vindication.

Gmail Stickers
gmail_stickersThe Apple and Google empires often vie for my heart. I’ve never put one of the apple stickers on anything I own. Maybe if they still made the multi-color ones that looked like the old Apple IIe logos. But now Google has released its own set of stickers. For the price of a self-addressed, stamped envelope, they’re yours. And come on, who doesn’t love glitter stickers and unicorns?

Speaking of Unicorns
Don’t ask me to explain it. Don’t ask me what it means. Don’t ask me what precise mix of hallucinogens you need in your bloodstream. There’s something bizarrely beautiful about it. Thanks Woody for sharing it with us on New Year’s Eve.

Very Very Late
You’ve already voted. Doesn’t matter who for. It’s over. But I came across this and thought, “Hey, let’s show people how behind the curve I really am.”
Ron Howard’s Call to Action


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