March Links

It’s the last day of March. Insert cliches about lions and lambs here. The Ides has passed (which, by the way, is not always the 15th of the month, more often than not it’s the 13th. True story)

So as the month comes to close, here’s what I’ve been looking at the Internet.

From The Onion: “Obama Depressed, Distant Since ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Series Finale”

The funniest thing I’ve read on Twitter’s public timeline:  “Mother told me to remove my black nail polish for church on Easter. I think that’s kinda fucked. U can b religious and wear black!” Best person to follow on Twitter (if you’re not following me, of course): darthvader.

to boldy go...
to bodly go...

Stories like this one make me believe that with Legos all things are possible. What would Michelangelo have done with Legos as his main medium instead of marble? And, come on, Seurat would have gone crazy building up his colors with lego blocks instead of dots.

Some tips on being more Earth-friendly (should that be Earth-friendlier?) in your kitchen and bath. I can personally vouch for re-nest’s endorsement of Lush. I like their products, and although using a solid shampoo is a little weird at first, it’s pretty effective and smells nice.

Check out this interview with Mythbuster’s Adam Savage.

Good news. Cheap vodka is just as good as expensive vodka. Grey Goose is pretty much Popov’s in a fancy bottle. Okay, I’m paraphrasing, but the point is you’re supporting the marketing budget when you buy an expensive vodka.

The Slanket (Photo owned by SlanketLoungin LLC, copyright 2007 aNot sure whether you want a Snuggie or Slanket? Gizmodo answers all your questions. Personally, I’m more of a Slanket kind of girl. What?! I’m just saying. Besides Slanket makes beige sound appealing:

The smell of coffee and double apple tobacco fill the market. At the end of the street, beyond the sand worn crenellations of the ancient buildings, the desert swirls. The camels loaded with gear blend with the color of the land, their outlines barely visible. It gets cold at night in the desert, praise be Allah that you brought your Slanket in beige. All of the soft color of the desert with none of the chaffing, stinking camels, sunburns, or dehydration.

The guy on what I’m sure is Corinthian leather is modeling castlegrey, another winning color description from Slanket.


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