Magically Delicious

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and give the office a much-needed morale boost, the editorial department at my company decided to reenact our winter food fete with a … um … St. Patrick’s Day food fete.

I had grand plans for Guinness cupcakes or something like that, but ran out of time. So I created Pots O’Gold.

Pots O'Gold

Essentially – brownie cups with icing. And then more icing.

I did a test batch because I wasn’t sure how long to bake or cool the brownies to be able to create a cubbyhole for the icing. It was every scientific with each test time arranged on a sheet of parchment paper and labeled. 5 minutes cool, 25 minutes baked seemed to be the best. 15 minutes of cooking produced a molten chocolate cake that was absolutely fabulous with some vanilla ice cream.

Then it was on to the real thing using Ghiradelli brownie mix. I tamped down the center with a bartender’s muddling tool. Later when the brownies had completely cooled, I piped in some chocolate buttercream (left over from Flynn’s cake) and topped it off with dots of gold icing (also left over from a previous cake) that were supposed to be gold coins.

Did it look like a pot of gold? Eh. But they sure tasted fine.


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