Certain death

As I sit in a hotel waiting for my friends to wake up, I thought it’d be a great time to clean out my growing collection of links before it got too big for the inevitable May links post.

So, without further ado … things in cyberspace that caught me eye since the last links post.


Although the idea of a tattoo has brushed against my mind now and then, I can never think of something I’d want permanently attached to my body. I still can’t, but this site is fun to poke around. This one’s from several pages in. Hunt around for the Max and Little Prince figures.

By now everyone and their pet parakeet has seen the Susan Boyle clip somewhere. This is an article that looks at why everyone saw it. The Huffington Post has some other articles about the phenomenon so take a gander.

At one point, I wanted to be an archaeologist. Even went so far as to join a local expedition on the banks of the Schuylkill River to find Indian artifacts. I remember a couple people finding pottery shards or arrowheads; I got muddy. I was also 12. Anyway, Zahi Hawass may enjoy his time in the spotlight more than an academic archaeologist should, but I always enjoy watching him on TV or looking at his site.

Meanwhile back at The Huffington Post, the hills are alive. Publicity stunt or not, it made me smile. If your heart of cold stone tells you to bail, deny the urge and stick with the video at least until the remix kicks in.

I used to read Discover magazine a lot (along with Omni – good stuff). I found the magazine’s blog collection recently. The pic at the top of my post is from Discover’s Bad Astronomy blog.


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