My Backyard Belongs to Disney

Yesterday was hot, and I was tired from a grand total of 8 hours sleep Friday and Saturday nights. I decided to skip BodyCombat because I had these convenient excuses.

My innate laziness paid off. Around 7, I saw movement in the backyard. A doe was standing a couple feet on my side of the property line. Behind her, in the neighbor’s yard, stood two other deer.

Do - a deer, a female deer

Luckily, Eckie didn’t spot them like the buck she spotted earlier in the year and barked to scare him off.

For about 15 minutes, I watched the three deer move between my yard and the neighbor’s. I had the impression they were lost, and the lead doe was trying to figure out where to lead the other two. They’d bound a couple yards, then stop to get their bearings before bounding another couple yards in a different direction.

Eventually, the lead doe headed for the field behind my house. The others followed and the game continued for a bit before they all took off down the hill.

Tonight, I got caught up in a book and, again, ended up not going to the gym. Laziness again yielded rewards. Tonight, I was visited by three rabbits. I’ve always seen one rabbit underneath the pine bush in the backyard and figured a burrow was there. That rabbit is big and fat.

Tonight’s trio were smaller. One rabbit just sat nibbling grass and warily watching the other two who were running in circles and playing leap frog.

The two playing rabbits would face each other before one ran at the other who would jump about three to four feet in the air to let the first rabbit pass underneath. They’d reset and then the second rabbit would run so the first rabbit would have to jump.

The game took them across my yard while the third rabbit just stayed on the other side watching.

No pictures of the bunnies. The sun had set and dusk was quickly darkening so that by the end of the game, I had trouble spotting the rabbits.

If I weren’t going out tomorrow for something I’m really looking forward to, I’d skip the gym for yet another night. I’m curious what the next trio of visitors will be.


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