ORK: First Move In

Cats! I have cats! And by “have,” I mean, cats are living in my house not that I am yet a cat owner. Yes, we all know that’s probably not far off, but I’m still firmly drawing a line between owning a cat and fostering a cat. Just let me have that.

Drifter feeling a little brave.
Drifter feeling a little brave.

This morning, my neighbors were able to trap the mother cat and the grey kitten who wandered into the trap at the same time. Drifter was spayed and Smokey (it may be a temporary name) was neutered. Both mom and son are healthy. Drifter weighs in at 6 lbs and Smokey’s chart says 3. They received a flea and tick treatment and vaccines. Ears were notched so if they’re ever not owned, any one who finds them and takes them to a shelter will find out they’ve been fixed.

Neighbor Peggy and I brought the two over to my house in separate carriers after their trip to the vet. The room I grew up in is now the cat room. We decided to keep mom and kitten together in one cage so I’ve got a spare right now. Drifter and Smokey are in the large crate, which has been decorated with carpet triangles, a hanging scratch post, old towels, a litter pan and food and water bowls.

Smokey hasn’t moved from underneath the triangle he scurried to after being dumped unceremoniously out of his carrier. He wasn’t completely in the corner so I was able to sneak a finger in and rub his back a bit before he decided he felt safer wedged in the corner.

Smokey's corner
Smokey's corner

Drifter came right out of her carrier and headed in with Smokey at first, but then moved on top of the triangle. After I pestered her with a photo shoot, however, she’s been under the triangle, simultaneously hiding from the world and protecting Smokey. She didn’t realize this put her backside where it could be scratched, but she put up with it.

They’re likely still groggy from surgery and terrified. Food hasn’t been touched, but I’m going to do my best to leave them alone for the rest of the night. I’ll probably stop in once to remove the wet food and clean up any soilage (none yet). For the next day or two, I just want Smokey and Drifter to get accustomed to their new home.

Meanwhile, Peggy and Shed Neighbor Bill (not to be confused with Peggy’s husband Bill) both report the remaining 4 kittens are eating well and still hanging near the shed. Next step is to catch as many kittens as possible on Friday morning for another trip to the vet.

PS – No bites or scratches from the cats, but an ant bit my palm when I fluffed a pillow. WTF?


3 thoughts on “ORK: First Move In

  1. Aw poor little Smokey! So cute!

    Cats can take a while to get comfortable in new surroundings. One of my first kittens was so scared that he clawed his way into a timber wall and hid for 2 days 😦

    But once they do get used to their new homes, they quickly become kings/queens, hehe!

    1. So far I’ve been lucky. They’ve both been quiet and Drifter even let my gloved hand pet her this afternoon.

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