June Is Bustin’ Out All Over

Or at least in terms of web links it is. Question: if blog is short for web log, can I use blinks for a collection of web links? Would it catch on? Can I be the next Al Gore?

Never mind.

Taking a break from cat posts and book reviews, here’s the sites and stories that have caught my eye in June.

star cake 1

Always wear underwear, so sayeth a Florida city council. Employees with an observable lack of underwear or exposed underwear don’t mean the dress code. So is someone in HR responsible for underwear checks? And what led up to the ordinance? Someone has good stories. Thanks to Greg Grunberg for putting the link on Twitter.

I haven’t made cakes lately, but I’m inspired by these. No, I won’t make you the Enterprise out of fondant. Yes, Kirk in the Captain’s Chair is impressive. No, I’m not that good. Yes, I’m better than whoever made the Picard cake.

grObasilReaders of the blog and anyone who knows me knows I like books. I signed up for three months of Indiespensable (their spelling) ’cause it sounded cool. I don’t know what’s in my second shipment, but a bag of basil was in the first. It’s a cool concept, and the basil is growing!

Goop cracks me up. Want to live a life like Gwyneth Paltrow? Read her web site and newsletter. Let Gwyneth’s famous friends tell you what to eat, where to travel and how to be healthy. It’s pompous and condescending, but I have to admit, some of the tips aren’t half bad.

Like every other retailer, Borders is creating online communities. Babel Clash is its science fiction genre blog. It’s got potential but a ways to go.

I follow a few online comic strips. Brat-Halla follows the Norse panetheon through adventures. The twist is that the gods are elementary-school age. It’s a concept that could go horribly wrong, but Jeff Stevenson and team make it work. Besides, how can you not love a comic that features an eyeball as a character?


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