ORK: Second (and Final) Move-In Day

They’re heeere.

Girl Girl Boy Boy (really)

Peggy and Bill got the remaining 4 kittens this morning. From what she said, it took a little work. Three of the kittens were trapped pretty quickly, leaving Peggy to spend the next 90 minutes trying to entice the last kitten into another trap.

All are healthy and now spayed/neutered. They were much more active in their carriers than Drifter and Smokey were. Still, all but the white female had to be dumped out of the carriers. The white female (who may be claimed by the other Bill) walked right out of hers as it started to tilt. One of her brothers continued to cling to his carrier even as his back feet were touching the floor and his body stretched vertically.

However they left the carriers, all four hightailed it for Smokey’s corner and huddled together. Drifter was on top of that platform and Smokey was on the high platform. They haven’t really moved to welcome the rest of the family. Only one of the new arrivals was willing to turn around for a photo op. The others are simply terrified. This kitten’s eyes aren’t blue, by the way. That’s from the flash.


In other cat news, I decided to stop pussyfooting around and just picked Smokey up. He wasn’t thrilled, kept twisting around to see who I was, but no attack. And Drifter didn’t attack, hiss, swipe, bite, snarl when I put a treat about 1 inch from her face.

So that’s the ORK situation tonight. I’m letting everyone settle in and get reunited for a bit.


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