Aruba – day 1

I wrote all of the Aruba blogs by hand while I was there. I’m leaving the tense as originally written when I type up the posts.

Day 1 – July 5, 2009
4 am – This is way too early to get up, but the flight’s at 7:50 and I have to take care of the cats and do a quick set of dishes. At least traffic will be nonexistant going to the airpot.

3:30 pm – Flight wasn’t bad. I got sleep, which was much needed. As soon as we walked out of the airport in search of Bully’s brother-in-law,* it started to rain. Another storm followed, and it’s still cloudy.

View from a balcony
View from a balcony

Our hotel - the clock came in handy.
Our hotel - the clock came in handy.

We’re at the Westin Aruba. Nice place. Mike got us an upgrade to a master suite. Two balconies, two rooms so we’re not on top of each other. The staff is excellent:** fridge and rollaway have been delivered, and champagne will arrive tomorrow because (a) the bellman wants us to come back, (b) Mike has platinum status and (c) the hotel isn’t that full at the moment.

I’m on one of the balconies now, looking out at the boats anchored off the hotel. A huge swimming platform sits about 20 yards from shore and some water activity huts dot the shore (parasailing, jet skis, tubing). Maybe we’ll check those out, along with the beachside bar in front of the next hotel.

For now, it’s just relaxation and reading on the balcony.

Later – I decided to take a quick walk on the beach when it cleared up a bit. Later, we ate dinner at a Chinese-Japanese-teppanyaki restaurant at the hotel after finding the Windmill restaurant not only closed but abandoned despite the “fabulous” reviews on TripAdvisor.

*Jason’s cousin recommended Bully as a cab driver from the airport. He wasn’t available but his brother-in-law (Hubert maybe) was. None of the other drivers knew Hubert’s name, but as soon as Jason mentioned Bully, everyone knew who we were looking for.

**This was day one. We all thought the staff was excellent. Little did we know.


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