Aruba – Day 3

July 7, 2009 – Ostrich Farms Have Crappy Food

IMG_0504Today’s lesson was learned on our drive around the island. My favorite part was exploring the dirt/sand roads off the California Lighthouse.*

Penny and Mike decided to get in some exercise and walk there from the hotel. Jason and I drove and had time to kill so we explored without them as they discovered the walk was much longer than originally thought.

During our exploration, they made it to the lighthouse. We had their water in the trunk and didn’t see them when we made it back to the top. Jason and I were about to head back down the road to pick them up. It was only when Jason stopped the car so I could grab the above shot of the lighthouse that Penny literally jumped in front of the car so we wouldn’t leave without them.

IMG_0495 IMG_0501
Northwest corner of the island through a divi tree (left); Jason in the car’s AC while I take pictures (right)

After the lighthouse, it was a series of misadventures. Missed turns, closes or collapsed attractions and an ostrich farm that someone (not me) thought would be fun. We ate lunch first – no one ordered ostrich – and decided to skip the probably-overpriced farm tour for our continued trek.

Where we started to climb the trail to the Natural Pool was a good 5 – 7 mile hike over two mountains and none of us had the shoes for it. We turned back after a calf-burning climb when a tour guide mentioned it was high tide and the water at the pools was rough. Good call, not-hike-appropriate sandals!

Mike and Jason: still looking cool after coming down the mountain
Mike and Jason: still looking cool after coming down the mountain

We did see the Natural Bridge, which collapsed several years ago. The area was still neat to see. And a baby natural bridge is there.

IMG_0508 IMG_0510 IMG_0511
From left: Penny; the baby bridge; the collapsed Natural Bridge

Some more aimless driving (and goats!) before we got to the Aruba Aloe Factory. Who knew aloe sap was a laxative! Don’t try that at home, kids. Suntan lotion and burn gel were purchased. I wonder if I can get work to reimburse me since I found out the company is launching a new cosmetic line and let the sales rep know.

We finished the evening at Gilligan’s at a hotel near ours.** Penny and I had the Mr. Howell drinks (banana, vanilla, rum, no tiki glass) while Mike had something in a coconut monkey. Really.

Mmmm. Monkey.
Mmmm. Monkey.

*Named for the California which sunk off Aurba. Yes, it’s the same California that saw Titantic’s distress flares but didn’t investigate. Have you met my friend, karma? She’s a bitch.

**Hey, Tammy, didn’t  you allude to a change in heart about the Westin staff? Yep, but the meat of that story takes place tomorrow.


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