Aruba – Day 4 (the real version)

July 8, 2009 – The not-so-exciting truth*

I started the day on the beach by 9:30 and finished Revolutionary Road. Penny and Jason joined me while Mike had to be on a conference call for work.

View from the front balcony at sunset
View from the front balcony at sunset

We met back in the room and were out the door by 12:30 for lunch at Iguana Jack’s in Oranjestad. We then split up for some quick shopping. Jason to the souvenir shops. Mike and Penny to buy a watch. Me to prove I, too, could buy an ordinary item for more than I should.

Many dollars later, I became the owner of a Starwalker fountain pen by Mont Blanc. I’m considering it an early 40th birthday present for myself and something to remind me I’m a writer and editor at heart, not a well-organized project manager. Was the purchase more than a pen should cost? Yep. Did I need it? Nope. But I like it.

IMG_0420 IMG_0421
The Starwalker in black (left); closeup of the floating Mont Blanc symbol in the clear top (right)

Anyway, when we got back to the hotel, Penny discovered more money was missing form her purse. A $20 left yesterday and she set up the purse today to see if anything else would disappear. Mike took photos of the bills, and they knew exactly how much was in the purse before we left.

Sure enough, another $20 was gone, but two $1s were added. Weird. According to the pictures, the missing $20 was the only one with writing on it.

I’m back at the beach while Penny and Mike talk to hotel management and security.

A few hours later – management thinks it’s a little weird that Mike took pictures but is looking into it. They offered him a discount at one of the hotel restaurants to make up for what happened. The discount was not accepted.

Should the purse have been in the safe today and yesterday? Probably, but it’s unsettling to realize that housekeeping looked through it and makes us wonder what else they went through to find something.

*See, wasn’t the earlier noir post much more interesting? Stay tuned though; the police get involved tomorrow.


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