Aruba – Day 5

July 9, 2009 – And then there were three (edited to add that no deaths occurred among the happy travelers).

Not many new details on the crime of the century. Mike called the Aruban police because his government clearances require him to  a police report if he’s  involved in a crime in a foreign country. The police said he should have called them before speaking with the hotel, but Mike scored major points at having photos of the money.

The police then yelled at the hotel people who’d accompanied them to the hotel room. Heh. The yelling occurred because the hotel never called the police.

A police report will be waiting for Mike shortly.*

Meanwhile, we hung out by the pool today at a palapa there.

Not a palapa. It's the view looking left from the balcony to the east side of the isalnd.
Not a palapa. It's the view looking left from the balcony to the east side of the isalnd.

The pool chairs are much more comfortable than the ones on the beach. Yet, I don’t think Penny or I took pictures of the pool area. Parrots lived by the pool. Mike made friends with a cockatoo.

After the pool, we walked along the main road for lunch at Tomato Charlie’s. Not bad pizza. The pepperoni was under the cheese.

And then … sadness. Jason had to leave for home. Penny and I consoled ourselves at the beach with books and daiquiris. She and Mike took a long walk while I finished book #3.

Someone from housekeeping came up to grab the rollaway and I get to sleep in the big girl sofa bed tonight. Yay!

IMG_0542 IMG_0541
My big girl bed (left); Mike on the master bed (right)

Tonight is dinner at Daniel’s steakhouse** and who knows what tomorrow will bring?*** It could be another delightful beach day.

*To wrap up the crime story, the hotel told Mike the only people to enter the room were us and the housekeeper. The housekeeper said she didn’t take anything (shocking) and since she’s been there a number of years, it was our word against hers. Penny’s out $38 and Mike has a tranlated police report. That’s it.

**Awesome steak, weird ambience. Penny had a drink with blue cherries. I thought they looked like deformed Andorians. I’m a geek.

***Tomorrow brings more hotel weirdness starting with tonight’s delivery of 9 wash clothes, 9 bath mats, 9 hand towels and 18 (!) bath towels. I put them in the tub so I could sit and/or sleep on the bed.


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