Aruba – day 8

July 12, 2009 There and Back Again

It’s over. I’m sitting at the airport. Some sand may still be in between my toes and almost definitely in my ears. Silly wind. But that’s it.

No more long days in the sun, staring at the sea. Floating in the water or walking through hundreds of little silver fish is over.

I’m looking forward to seeing Eckie, but I don’t want vacation to end. I finally get it, Mom.

Today I slept in a little more than I wanted, but was ensconced in a palapa by 10. Mike brought down our snorkeling gear, but were were all content with sun and books.

Swimming platform on the last day
Swimming platform on the last day

Here lizard lizard
Here lizard lizard

A quick shower and last minute check of the room (passport? pen? new books to read?) before a last lunch with Mike, Penny and the iguanas.

We grabbed some photos on the beach and then I was in a cab.

I made it through security, passport control, customs and security again in about 30 minutes, much faster through less crowds than Jason faces. Maybe I could have spent another 30 minutes on the beach. Maybe then I wouldn’t be sitting near this annoying family. The mom just shoved her gum under my nose to offer it to her son’s girlfriend on the other side of me. The girlfriend, by the way, is clearly done with this family. I don’t blame her.

But I know those 20 minutes wouldn’t make a difference. I’d want another 30 and another 30 after that.

So I’ll sit here at gate 5 and read book #8 until it’s time to board.

*  *  *  *

Out 8F
The View out 8F

The pilot announced we have to divert to the west coast of Florida due to the shuttle launch. Those of us on the right side of the plane (me me me) should be able to see the shuttle in 55 minutes. Yay.

Time to practice airplane window photography. And we’re somehow over islands. My geography fails me and I don’t know which ones. But they look cool from up here.

Another announcement 5-11 minutes before takeoff. Then another – there’s a hold but takeoff should be in 3 minutes. Many more minutes than that go by.

Scrub Time Seen from the Ground
Scrub Time Seen from the Ground

The last announcement as we’re north of the cape now – launch is scrubbed due to weather. Never mind the blue skies we’re flying through. Sure, we flew through a big cloud bank, but we were out of it pretty quickly. I think the shuttle, which travels faster than the Boeing I’m on, would clear it quickly.

Oh well. The right side of the plane is disappointed. So is the left, but I suspect they’re secretly glad that we don’t get to see something they would never have seen.

*  *  *  *

I’m back home by 1:30 am, finished the eighth book just after take off from Charlotte. Cats are sleeping, and Eckie is still at the kennel. I lug everything in the house and then manage to stay up to 3 doing cat things. No work tomorrow – just picking up Eckie and Bailey and catching up on sleep.

Ah vacation, I’ll miss you most of all.

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