ORK: Please Take Me Home with You

Well, folks, the ORK is down to two adoptable 4-month-old kittens. Callie is still living with her brothers but her new owners are supposed to come get her on July 30.

If you’ve been following the ORK saga and thought, “Hey, I’ve always wanted a kitten,” or know a friend who’s looking for a little fluffy ball of kitten goodness, now’s your chance to act!

Up for grabs are:

Sensitive White Kitten ISO Loving Home
Sensitive White Kitten ISO Loving Home

Fiddler: Likely Aries ISO soul mate/family. Neutered, vaccinated (rabies, FVRCP), clean bill of health. Knows how to use litter box. Completely white. Likes hiding under beds and in boxes. Favorite toys include anything with feathers.

I’m a sensitive boy and may take a couple of days to return your love. Enough petting, though, will start my motor purring. I’ve been around other cats and wouldn’t mind doing that for the rest of my life.

Wanted: One Good Home
Wanted: One Good Home

Smokey: Wanted for the crimes of being cute and losing small toys under shelves. Your  home could be the purr-fect prison. Suspect is neutered, vaccinated (rabies and FVRCP) and knows how to use the litter box. Grey with some banding, particularly on the legs.

Often spotted on window sills. Suspect may be a little shy but is gentle and likes having his ears rubbed. Would do best indoors.

On the Prowl
On the Prowl

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One thought on “ORK: Please Take Me Home with You

  1. Hooray. Smokey left about 20 minutes ago for a new home. His new owners are a little nervous about his nerves so I said they could bring him back after the weekend if things really didn’t work out. Fingers crossed that Smokey makes friends.

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