ORK: Happily Ever After

illus once upon a time, Lady Cat was lost. She couldn’t find her home and grew to resist attempts from the Two-legs Tribe to help her.

here kitty kitty2But Lady Cat was lonely, so, like most lonely Lost Girls, she turned to an underground world of Tomcats for companionship. Soon Lady Cat was not so lonely — she had five little kittens to keep her company.

She taught the kittens how to play and hunt bugs. Most importantly, she taught them to all do their business in one spot. The kittens started to grow, and the Two-legs worried the fields wouldn’t support the family of 6 plus the roving tomcats. What would happen if the kittens grew up to become lonely and desperate like their mom?

The Two-legs hatched a plan. They would catch the family and make sure none of the cats would ever have families of their own. At the same time, the Two-legs would find indoor homes for the family, even though the kittens loved nothing more than using branches and bushes to reenact their favorite NASCAR events.

IMG_0480The family moved into its temporary home in two groups. Lady Cat quickly grew territorial and would hiss and pretend to lunge at the Two-legs who had the best intentions. Fearful Lady Cat would pass her nasty hissing habits onto her children, the Two-legs schemed to release her as soon as possible. Luckily, another Two-legs found a home in a horse barn for Lady Cat, and, with much hissing and puffed-out tails, Lady Cat left the family.

The five kittens missed their mommy, but quickly found they could play a lot easier without Lady Cat taking up space in the cage. They tolerated being pet and handled by various Two-legs, who put out a call for new homes.

The first kitten to leave was the little white girl with a pink collar. She wasn’t sure about the new Two-legs who came to see her, but by the end of the visit, she didn’t want to let go of one of them. She received a new name: Ivy. By all reports, she is now a happy member of the family, even if her new playmate, Harley, isn’t always thrilled by her.

IMG_0564A few weeks went by before the next kitten left. He went to one of the Two-legs who started the whole mess. His name is now Yuki, which is Japanese for snow, appropriate since he was also all white. He loves playing with his new dog brother and sister and likes climbing up a recliner he’s claimed as his own.

CaliThree were left. One Two-legs said someone might want the calico girl, but not until August 30. Unacceptable. Luckily, the Two-legs was wrong and really meant July 30. So the calico left her brothers behind and departed for worlds and names unknown.

On the ProwlThe two brothers played for a bit but preferred the cool dark of the Underbed. One day, the grey boy found himself lifted and pet before being placed in a carrier to go to his home. The adjustment was rough for him and his Two-legs, who found they couldn’t sleep. Soon though, the newly named Vito settled in and all was well.

But what about the last brother? His family had abandoned him to the worlds of Underbed and Windowsill. Playing with toys wasn’t as fun without someone else there.

IMG_0439He didn’t like to come out from Underbed often. Instead, he made the Two-legs come to him and scratch his ears and head. The Two-legs began to worry the kitten would never find a home. This would be a problem since the kitten didn’t like the dog.

But prayers and wishes and goat sacrifices were answered and the last kitten left to become Nathan. His new playmate, Sally, isn’t sure if she wants to be his new playmate, but Nathan is determined.

After all, he found himself in a new world just like his family, where they’ll all live happily ever after.


The End

Thanks to everyone who contributed cat supplies and encouragement. Appreciation to those of you who believed I would never become a crazy cat lady. Ever-lasting gratitude to Jamie and Caitlin; the Conovers; Roberta and Ian; and Lynn for taking kittens into their homes.


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