Long Overdue Links

Eek. Life and my innate laziness kept me away from the blog for far too long. The monthly posting of sites I find interesting hasn’t been updated in what seems like forever.

So, without further delay, here’s part 1 of what I’ve been doing online lately. Warning – no theme or rhyme/reason here.

nano_09_blk_participant_100x100_1.png NaNoWriMo is getting close. Essentially, it’s a challenge for yourself, a contest where the only prize is finishing. You write a novel in November. Start on 11/1 and finish on 11/30. Novel is defined as 50,000 words. I did this last year and won. Okay, I wrote over 60,000 words so I met the requirements for winning, but I didn’t finish the story and haven’t touched it since. Maybe one day. Not sure what I’m writing this year, but I’ll be blogging about it as a distraction from actually doing it. Why not join me?

A friend’s daughter has Tetrasomy 8p Mosaicism, an extremely rare genetic disorder. She’s blogging about how Josephine is doing and what they’re learning at Normal for Josephine. I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I am with Krysta and Sheldon for their approach to this.

Hey, Princess Leia blogs. And she’s a good writer. And funny.

After redecorating my living room last year, I’ve been in search of art for the walls. But not something thousands of other people picked up at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. I’m still searching, but Fine Art Adoption may be the way to go. “Acquiring artwork without purchasing it.” Or stealing it. Neat concept to get something original. And for my artist friends out there, neat way to get your stuff seen.

For interesting book news, check out Entertainment Weekly’s Shelf Life. Read about tech, bestseller lists, movie casting, new releases, etc. While you’re on the EW site, pop over to Jeff Probst’s blog for his take on each episode of Survivor. I’ve been a fan of the series since it started and reading Probst’s blog makes me think of him as less of a tool and pick up insight into how the shows are put together.

Someone at work sent me a link for Godchecker.com. It’s one of those sites I could get lost in for a while. Explore pantheons, top gods, mystical numbers, whatever else you want. It’s fun and educational.

And that concludes today’s edition. I’ve stored up a bunch of links even though I didn’t share them, so check back next week for more.


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