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As mentioned in the previous post, I fell behind on posting interesting links. I’ve been collecting them, however, and storing them in my cheeks for the winter. No, it’s not winter yet, but here are some links to explore while you prepare for hibernation.

I hate the rampant abuse of quotation marks, and so do the people who run this site. Quotation marks do not indicate irony, and they certainly don’t belong in many places you see them. In my opinion (and 8 out of 10 grammarians agree), quotation marks should be used when you’re quoting someone, to set off titles or when you need to indicate you’re writing about a word as a word.

Disturbing, sad and morbidly humorous. That’s Pictures for Sad Children. Browse through the archive. Yes, I chose the linked one because of its correct use of quotation marks.

While I’m pushing web comics, check out XKCD and Wondermark. Plus the always amusing Mumblepuss.

Looking for environmentally friendly decorating tips? Pop over to Re-nest.

Notcot and Notcoture cover what’s happening (or at least what’s interesting to the sites’ owners) in design and fashion. It’s not often you find a site where someone raves about package design.

Somewhat related is TasteSpotting, which appears devoted to food porn more than recipes and cooking tips.


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