So Far, So Good

It’s been just over two weeks since I switched to a vegetarian diet. So far, so good. At least I haven’t cheated and gorged on bacon.

Spaghetti squash

I learned I didn’t really eat that much meat before. I ate sushi three or four times a month. Probably ordered in for lunch at work the same number of times and got a salad with chicken or some type of chicken sandwich. If I went out to dinner, I usually got a burger.

Dinners at home were usually something quick and easy – bowls of cereal, pasta, something in a can. Mostly because I’m incredibly lazy at heart and didn’t feel like preparing a lot of ingredients to make a dinner. I’d toss a chicken breast in the oven with some Old Bay on it or toss some scallops in a frying pan.

Vegetable paella

I was under the misconception that a vegetarian diet would be easy to prepare. It’s not. Or it’s not if you want something more than raw vegetables and the aforementioned cereal and pasta.

The vegetable paella I made took a good 30 minutes to get everything together. The spaghetti squash wasn’t the instant dinner I thought it would be.

Peas, carrot and rice. Yum.

But I’m learning to put together a rocking mise en place. Another bonus is the amount of leftovers. Each dinner I’ve made has led to at least one lunch that reheats well in a microwave. And I’ve tried vegetables I never have. Heck, I didn’t know what fennel looked like before the paella. Turns out it’s not bad. I even tried a veggie burger. Verdict? If you don’t think it’s a burger, it’s not bad.

I haven’t ventured into the world of lentils, but it’s something I want to try over the next two weeks. Vegetarian chili is on my list of recipes to attempt. I may try eggplant.

I haven’t decided whether I’m sticking with the vegetarian thing after Dec. 24. Maybe I’ll end up eating only sustainable fish and other meats from smaller farms that aren’t factory farms. Right now I miss sushi more than anything else, but that could pass by the time of my self-set deadline.

I have a few more questions to answer for myself by then. But I have discovered that I could do at last two weeks without meat and not hate every second of it.


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