Heard on the Wire

Comic geeks (and I use the term affectionately for I am one of the tribe) can spend hours debating who would win in a fight. Wolverine vs. Captain America. Wonder Woman vs. Jean Grey. The JSA vs. the Avengers. In one arena, Batman has bested Superman. Detective Comics #327 issued in 1939 features the first appearance of The Bat-Man, as he was originally known. A copy of that comic is currently going for $418,250. This puts the Dark Knight ahead of the Caped Crusader. Superman’s first appearance (Action Comics #1, 1938) sold for $317,000 in 2009.

More press-release goodness after the jump.

Not everyone can afford to weigh in on the Batman vs. Superman debate, but everyone can vote in Slinky vs. Etch A Sketch. Who knew this was an issue? Etch A Sketch turns 50 this year, and Slinky turns 65.

Their manufacturers joined forces to determine which of the two was the favorite classic toy. Lite Brite and green army men, you’re not even in the running. Visit Slinky vs. Etch A Sketch to vote for your favorite. Looks like Etch A Sketch is winning as of 2/16. You can also upload a video in support of Team Slinky or Team Sketch.

Stove Top Stuffing announced its Spread the Warmth campaign. Throughout February, brand ambassadors will perform acts of kindness in Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Minneapolis, including paying bus fares, serving hot chocolate to outside workers, handing out coupons and SHOVELING SNOW!!! Where were the ambassadors when I shoveled two driveways last Wednesday and Thursday?

For acts of kindness not limited to three cities, check out The Hershey Legacy. From Feb. 15-21, the Milton Hershey School and The Hershey Company are asking people to go to the site and share a virtual chocolate bar as a thank you for people who do the little things that make your day better. The campaign is part of the celebration of 100 years of support for the Milton Hershey School.

Giving a whole new meaning to “fly the friendly skies” is Air New Zealand’s Skycouch. It’s a lie-down economy-class bed in the sky. The process seems complicated. You have to purchase 3 seats to make the bed by folding up cushions from under the seats and tucking away arm rests to create a mattress that allows two adults to stretch out, sort of. The third seat is offered at a discount rate. Travelling alone but still want to stretch out? Skyscanner, a flight comparison site, polled nearly 500 people and 13% said they’d be willing to share the mattress with a stranger they met in the queue. Barry Smith, Skyscanner co-founder and director said, “We knew people would like the idea, but were amazed that so many would share the Skycouch with a stranger! It could lead to new relationships blooming at twenty thousand feet, although Air New Zealand has stressed that Skycouches should not be used to join the ‘mile high’ club.” Thanks for the clarification, Air New Zealand.


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