European Adventure Day 0 – Wrong Yet So Right

I wrote all of the England-France blogs by hand while I was there. I’m leaving the tense as originally written when I type up the posts.

I’m about a mile above the Atlantic, flat on my back. This feels so weird, yet so so right.

When we got our boarding passes in Philadelphia, Penny and I realized we were no longer sitting next to each other. We were both in first class though, which made me happy. For the return trip, I won’t be so happy. Anyway … after a pointless, pathetic snack of fried cheese somewhere at the airport, we headed back to the gate. The agent said she couldn’t do anything about our seats. Oh well, we both planned to sleep for most of the overnight flight and did we really need to sit next to each other when we were going to spend six days together?

View of the center pod

Then we boarded the plane. It took a second for the odd configuration to sink in. We had scored one of the planes renovated for lie-flat seats. We couldn’t sit next to each other because there was only one pod along the windows.

Pod’s the best word for it. The angle of the seat, the frame – all very podlike.

Before the conversion to bed

The whole envoy cabin was giddy. I don’t think any of us had first-hand experience of the new seat. Text messages and phone calls flew. Pictures were taken. We had won the airplane lottery.

Plans of sleep were waylaid by too much food. I had already decided I would expand my vegetarian diet to seafood for the trip and ordered the mahi mahi for dinner. I know, I could have arranged a vegetarian meal with the airline, but that could mess up my chance for an upgrade on the way home. So mahi mahi with crab meat it was. After nuts and after a salad. Before cheesecake.

The meal took at least an hour. Possibly more. It was around 4:30 London time when I went to sleep, setting the seat to bed mode. As Penny said, the bed just keeps going beyond where you think it should.

Definitely the way to fly. Heck, there’s even a gift bag with socks!

So it’s now a little after 8 in the morning.  hear the sounds of breakfast starting. We land in about 90 minutes.

I can’t help thinking about my mom. She loved to fly. She loved looking out the window and couldn’t understand why I’d want to read. She would have loved this.

When the seat was a bed, we flew through a little turbulence now and then. Like sleeping on a cruise ship in rough seas. Something else Mom loved.

The sun has found the plane. Time to put my contacts back in, brush hair and teeth and get ready for my London (and Paris) adventure with Penny.

Some more plane pics. And check out our first day in London and the start of our Parisian adventure.

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