Veggie Update

It’s been forever since I blogged so I’ll jump in again with renewed vigor and an update on my vegetarian adventure.

I’m still sticking with it, although I’m more open to seafood and fish when dining out, particularly when on vacation and away from familiar restaurants and my own kitchen. At the same time, I’m conflicted about that. Did you know farmed fish receive antibiotics? Fish farmers dump vats of antibiotics in the tank because the fish are so crowded they develop sores from rubbing against the tank walls and each other. The antibiotics start treating any infections right away.

If I’m doing seafood and fish, I try to eat wild-caught, sustainable species. Check out this guide for recommended fish in your area. Even sushi lovers can find some version of their favorite on the list.

I’ve had chicken a couple of times. PF Chang’s lettuce wraps are hard to resist. Or rather “were” hard to resist. I tried the tofu version the other day, and it was awesome. I celebrated my sister’s birthday at Shula’s Steakhouse, and, although the kitchen’s off-the-menu vegetarian option wasn’t all that creative or exciting (spiral pasta with some veggies), the restaurant didn’t blink an eye when I asked if the chef could make something for me.

All in all, I can feel like I’ve made a difference. Even with the occasional seafood, I’d guess I only eat meat once or twice every two or three months. Everyone should try Meatless Monday for a larger effect on the world.

You can do little to help clean up environmental disasters like the Gulf oil spill (I don’t know many people certified in hazmat removal), but you can make a difference once a week. Give it a try.


One thought on “Veggie Update

  1. Tammy, we did a Meatless Monday tonight! Joe made a fabulous sauce from a bunch of the veggies from the farm–tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and basil–and we had it over pasta. Delicious!

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