Sunshine in Your Mouth

My favorite CSA food (and perhaps favorite vegetable of all time) are sugar snap peas. The peas were part of the pick-your-own CSA share in June. We got to head into the fields and pick our share of peas right off the vine. As my strawberry-picking friends can testify, I’d make a mean migrant worker.

pea pod

Hot sun beating down – no matter. If I can eat a fresh strawberry or pea for every six I drop in a bucket, I’m good.

Have you eaten a pea right off the vine? You have a moment of synesthesia. You bite through the pod and you realize you’re tasting “green” for the first time. Or “fifth” if you’ve been picking a while.

Fruit and vegetables off the vine taste like sunshine. The outside is warm on the lips, still reflecting the sun’s rays. Bite into it; cool juices release into your mouth. How the inside of a pea or strawberry stays cool is a delicious mystery I intend to explore over and over in the fields.


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