Thanksgiving 2010: The Live Blog Arriveth

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3:45 am – Why does Bailey always manage to sleep exactly where my legs should go?

8:44 am – The sound of sleet wakes me up. Today exemplifies November: grey skies, minimal leaves on the trees, cold and wet.

9:15 am – Still sleeting when I get out of bed to let Bailey out and retrieve gym clothes from the car.

9:30 am – Meta moment. I write the explanatory live post blog. And then write that I’ve written it.

9:42 am – Sleet has turned into gentle snow. Not that I was feeling lonely on Thanksgiving, but I don’t feel alone now.

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9:58 am – roads pretty much deserted. Snow falling heavier. Yay.

10:55 am – 16.20 miles logged on the stationary bike. Finished an episode of Ally McBeal and started another. What? I liked Ally McBeal when it aired. So I bought season one on iTunes and it’s turning out to be a great gym companion. Traffic picking up on the roads and the snow is turning to sleet.

It's not just the deer hunter; it's the bicycle pinwheel thing that really says Thanksgiving.

11:16 am – WTF? I hate blow-up lawn decorations, but this one is stretching to find something appropriate for between Halloween and Christmas. Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing Halloween blow ups at this house. Wow. This is the blow up they decide to start with?! In case you’re wondering, I passed the house and turned around to go back for the pic.

11:30 am – Deserting Everest: Beyond the Limit for a shower and Depeche Mode. Apparently, Bailey likes to check in on people in the shower. Her nose keeps poking through the shower curtain.

12:09 pm – Back to Everest. I feel guilty about my chuckles every time the narrator mentions the “death zone.” Maybe it’s the slight Jeff-Probst-esque pause he gives before the phrase.

12:18 pm – It’s not too late to pick this up.

1:05 pm – Realize I don’t have enough time to get to the 1:15 movie because I’ve been watching this week’s House

1:34 pm – Text many people in my address book to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for all my friends.

1:40 pm – Simultaneously realize I no longer have enough time to get to the 1:50 movie and I made sure I sent different Thanksgiving wishes to people who could compare texts

1:41 pm – Realize I’m that egotistical to think my friends would not only tell each other they got a text from me but that they would whip out their phones to show off that text. Sigh.

1:45 pm – Decide to distract blog readers from my arrogance with a cool Google logo

1:48 pm – Discover next Potter movie starts at 3:10

2:38 pm – Talk to Penny. She’s in the same boat as me for today. No solid dinner plans. Just winging the day. But I have a coat.

2:45 pm – Leave the house in a steady rain to see Harry Potter

3:05 pm – Thank you, Jason, for a Regal gift card for my birthday. It’s paying for my movie ticket and popcorn. Popcorn seems acceptable for Thanksgiving dinner

3:10 pm – Change mind about popcorn being acceptable. The first inch or so is way too greasy with the butter-oil mixture that makes me think too much of The Talisman.

5:25 pm – Manage to miss the climatic scene of the movie thanks to a small bladder. Darn it. Oh well. There’s always the DVD.

5:28 pm – But the cool hand dryer thing at the theater is powerful enough to move the skin on the back of my hand in neat ripples. Okay, maybe that’s more gross than cool.

5:50 pm – Back in the car, in the rain. Movie’s okay. It’s the first half of a better movie and a tad too long.

6:21 pm – Home with the kettle on to make some iced tea in the cool tea thing Penny got me. Not all that hungry after the popcorn. Thanksgiving dinner may just be an apple and some cheese.

6:50 pm – Realize Bailey scratched the heck out of one couch cushion. She must have figured out the blanket was on the love seat to prevent her scratching that like she had before. Must remember to put another blanket on the couch tomorrow when I go to work. Luckily, she’s a cute dog and I can flip the cushions.

7:28 pm – Finished an excellent Thanksgiving dinner. Cheddar cheese and a Pink Lady apple. Served alongside a tea I brought back from London. Bailey likes cheese so she had a couple of nibbles for her special Thanksgiving dinner, too. Hope Penny doesn’t mind.

7:40 pm – Just realized why I’d been cold all day. The thermostat was set for a workday and didn’t heat the house above 64. Grr. It’s been at 67 for the past couple of hours, but I’m cold.

7:43 pm – Starting a list of things I thought I’d do today, but didn’t.

  • Clean windows so I could put storm windows down or in
  • Write 3 or 4 blog posts that have been in my head and schedule for later posting
  • Work on the book that’s also in my head and should be in the computer
  • Finish Wolf Hall
  • Get close to putting all of 2009 photos in an album
  • Prep carpet for steam cleaning this weekend

Guess what? I’ve made a list of things to do this weekend.

7:56 pm – Am sucked back into Everest: Beyond the Limit. Season 2 is on now.

8:10 pm – Since I am never going to be able to afford climbing Everest or be in physical shape to do so, I’m fully aware of how hypocritical this next sentence sounds. Tim Medvetz is incredibly lazy.

8:30 pm – Bail on Everest to watch this week’s Hawaii 5-0. Probably in the running for my favorite show of the new season. Alex O’Loughlin’s abs do not hurt the show’s chances to take that title. Thank you, completely pointless swimming season this week.

9:15 pm – Enough TV for the day. Decide to read some Wolf Hall from bed, which means an end to the blog. Thanks all for reading along. And thanks to everyone who emailed, texted or Facebook’d invites to your Thanksgiving celebrations. It means a lot to me to have friends like all of you.

And I’ll leave all of you with this …


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