Thanksgiving 2010: The Live Blog Cometh

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Without an abundance of plans for the day, I’ve decided to fill some of my Thursday with letting you all know what I’m up to. Yep, no mere status updates on Facebook from me. It’s a live blog. Or at least as live as I feel like making it.

It could be funny. It could be sad. It could be mind-numbingly boring. Who knows? This is just the explanatory post. Come back later and click Thanksgiving in the tag cloud to see what’s happening. Read on for more background below.

Some background for the day’s events: Penny and Mike flew out to California yesterday. Their Thanksgiving will be spent in the Napa Valley. Unfortunately, Penny neglected to pack a coat or warm clothing. Here’s hoping Santa makes an early stop her way.

Their vacation plans left me without a solid plan for Thanksgiving. I had invitations to several places (thanks family and friends). But, since I have to work tomorrow (thanks employer … not), decided to decline them all. I didn’t feel up to a long drive to northern Jersey or really anywhere more than 30 minutes from home. I knew I’d have fun wherever I went, but I also knew I’d want to stay and continue to have fun and the work day starts at 7 tomorrow. Blech.

So today is me and Bailey (Penny and Mike’s dog), who I’m sure will make appearances in the day’s blog from time to time. We’re playing part of the day by ear and part by whim.

Let the live blogging begin!


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